Licensed Private Investigation Services

Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. is a full-service, private investigation firm located in Buffalo, New York.

We provide confidential investigative services for individuals, corporations, insurance carriers, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governmental, educational institutions, and environmental, and law enforcement agencies located throughout New York State and the United States. Additionally, Our staff comprises former Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Officers and Investigators, Corporate Investigators, Insurance Adjusters, and Certified Fraud Examiners.


Our Services

Whether you are concerned with managing risk, investigating crime, or protecting your assets, our experienced team of investigators can bring you the most accurate information possible. Our experience allows us to properly assess, evaluate and conduct investigative services for our clients.

Our investigative services are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Our supervisory investigators boast decades of combined investigative experience and are renowned for their expertise in various investigative techniques and tools.
Through our work, we are committed to thorough, professional, and confidential work for our clients and take pride in our reputation and client satisfaction.

Since 1979, Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. has been licensed private investigators in the State of New York. We have built a strong reputation by conducting investigations in a professional, cost-effective, and confidential manner.


Let us introduce you to our firm and the services that we have provided to our clients that have allowed for the successful resolutions of their issues over the past 40 years.


Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. is a full-service, private investigation firm located in Buffalo, NY.  We have been a trusted resource providing investigative services since our inception in 1979.


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Investigation services for personal or family affairs, including family-related matters, asset investigations, or personal legal concerns.


Bigger organizations can sometimes lead to bigger problems. We help gather information for a number of circumstances to minimize risk and reduce loss.


Our client profile includes many governmental, environmental, and law enforcement agencies where we provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis of civil and criminal misconduct.


Words from our satisfied clients


“I have worked with Peter M. Vito & Associates for over 40 years. They are reliable and diligent in conducting factual investigations of all types. The information they provide is trustworthy.”



Kenneth Manning

Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP