Our Practice

Professional, Confidential and Cost-Effective Investigations

Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc., is a full service, private investigation firm.  We have been a trusted source for investigations, locating services, computer forensics and surveillance since 1979. Our staff is comprised of former Federal, State and local law enforcement investigators, insurance adjusters, corporate investigators, forensic computer examiners and forensic accountants. Our experience allows us to properly assess, evaluate and conduct investigative services for our clients. Whether you are concerned with managing risk, investigating crime, or protecting your assets, our talented and experienced team can help bring you the most accurate information possible.

Licensed Private Investigators

Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc., has been licensed private investigators in the State of New York since 1979 and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1999. Our client profile includes premier corporations, insurance carriers, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governmental, environmental and law enforcement agencies located throughout New York State, Pennsylvania and the United States. Peter M. Vito & Associates has built a strong reputation by conducting investigations in a professional, cost-effective and confidential manner. Investigative services are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Our supervisory investigators have years of combined investigative experience and are renowned for their expertise in a broad spectrum of investigative techniques and tools.