Search, Surveillance, Research, Background Checks & More



Investigation services for personal or family affairs, including family-related matters, asset investigations, or personal legal concerns.


Bigger organizations can sometimes lead to bigger problems.  We help gather information for a number of circumstances to minimize risk and reduce loss.


Our client profile includes many governmental, environmental, and law enforcement agencies where we provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis of civil and criminal misconduct.

Matrimonial and Domestic Surveillance

Child Custody Background Investigations and Surveillance

Financial Document Review

Security Assessments


Criminal Defense

Missing Persons

Neighbor Disputes

Employee Background Investigations

Embezzlement and Product Theft Investigations conducted by Certified Fraud Examiner

Due Diligence


Workplace Violence

Active Shooter Investigations, Threat and Security Assessments

Mesothelioma Defense Investigations

Product Liability

Cannabis Security and Logistics

Surveillance of Worker Compensation and Accident Plaintiffs

Logistic and Trucking Accident Scene and Theft Investigation

Witness Sworn Statements

Computer Forensics

Internal Investigations

Sexual Harassment Investigations and Trainings

Workers Compensation Accident Investigations

Employee Integrity Investigations

Background Investigations

Investigations of Police Brutality

Residency Investigations

Abuse of Sick Time Investigations

Accident Scene Investigations

Background Investigations of Claimants and Plaintiffs