Jim Michel was hired as a Police Officer with the Lackawanna Police Department, he was a Patrol Officer for 12 years and then assigned to the Traffic Unit.   In 1996 he was promoted to Patrol Division Lieutenant until his promotion in 2007 as Captain of Administration & Patrol Divisions.   In 2009 he was appointed to Chief of Police of Lackawanna Police Department until his retirement in 2020.  Also from 2009 through 2020, he was a member of the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force Executive Board.  In 2022, he started with us and has been assigned to investigating motor vehicle accidents due to his prior experience.

1980 – 1992-Lackawanna Police Department, Patrol Officer

1992 – 1997-Lackawanna Police Department, Traffic Unit-Patrol Officer

1999 – 2007-Lackawanna Police Department, Patrol Division- Lieutenant

2007 – 2009-Lackawanna Police Department, Captain of Administration & Patrol Divisions

2009 – 2020-Member of the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force Executive Board

2007 – 2009- City of Lackawanna Police Department, Chief of Police

2022 – Present- Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc.