Emergency Preparedness

You never know for sure how well you can handle an emergency, until it actually happens.  However, you can certainly be prepared and trained as much as possible to deal and manage a variety of emergency situations at your organization.

Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. offers full emergency preparedness services.  From CPR training, to security training for any and all types of intruders, we will work with you to help your organization be prepared with a wide array of emergency procedures.

Before any procedures or recommendations are made for an organization, we first give a Business Vulnerability Threat Assessment.  This process includes:

Site Review

– A thorough and extensive assessment will be conducted of all buildings and facilities to determine existing security and safety conditions and procedures, including but not limited to CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Systems and Physical Security.

– Interview with management, supervisors and key personnel to determine service population, hours of operation, employee activities typical to each shift and their security implications

Physical Security Recommendations

– We will compile a preliminary list of recommendations to include security protocols, for installation of security features, systems and devices

Security Procedures Recommendations

– We will review and assess existing security and safety procedures. We will identify deficiencies and develop a list of recommendations to correct them.

Threat Assessment Recommendations

– A written report with the results of the physical threat assessment, appraisal of the site will be submitted.

– We will prepare written recommendations for the implementation of security protocols, procedures and policies.

If you already have procedures in place, call us for an overview, and assessment for your program.  There are continuous changes that require organizations to stay up to date with the latest technology or safety threats that may affect the safety and well being of their company.

With your emergency preparedness, you will also receive full training and security assessments, in order to minimize repercussions of an emergency situation.

To learn more, call Peter M. Vito & Associates, Inc. today.